We love random questions.  And, as some of them crop up time and time again, we also love a good ol’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Ok, let’s break this down because we know it can be a bit confusing. Small Talk offers a mix of services – completely dependent on the needs of each individual client. Essentially the work we do is split into five main areas and they each encompass a variety of activities:

We get your product/face/name/ideas into media outlets (TV, print, online, radio). How? By helping you create your ‘story’ – we don’t spin or spam, we just try to make it easier for journalists to say ‘yes’ by speaking their language and making their job easier.

We love words. We love telling stories. Whether it’s a website or an Instagram caption, we’ve got your back.

Ideas & Strategy
Sometimes people just need a second opinion or a helpful push – which usually takes the form of a two-hour session around how to be more time efficient or strategic, creative brainstorming around how to take things to the next level and a practical plan for how to take the next step.

We love to organise stuff! Whether that be pulling together a book, running an event, managing a tour – we know how to get stuff done.

We become your partner-in-crime, making plans for world domination together but rather than just dreaming about it we go out there and help you to actually make it happen. We forge partnerships with people who complement you; plan and manage big events and projects; organise you within an inch of your life; broker TV, sponsorship and book deals; talk to the lawyers and accountants to make sure we’re all set.

For the best results, it’s ideal for any publicity campaign to go for at least 6 months. Magazines schedule their content 3-4 months before the on-sale date and it normally takes a good couple of weeks to get materials in order so make sure you take that into account with any planning!

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