Julian Burnside

Human rights lawyer Julian Burnside AO QC and musician John Butler will join forces to explore the virtue of being fair at a Secular Sermon for The School of Life Perth on Sunday 14 September at Winthrop Hall.

Tickets are on sale now via www.theschooloflife.com/perth.

Burnside is the 2014 recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize for his unflinching advocacy of asylum seekers. He will deliver a Sermon On Fairness exploring the much-lauded virtue of a ‘fair go’ in Australian culture with his signature style of persuasive polemics.

Julian Burnside says, “From the earliest age, children yearn for fairness and they understand what it is. As we grow older, we learn that our childhood instinct for fairness is what grown-ups call ‘justice’ but we work out ways to deny it, or redefine it, until we live lives in which it disappears. But the yearning for fairness – for justice – remains.”

John Butler will perform three folk-song ‘hymns’ in a rare solo show in Perth, having just returned from a world tour with his trio. In addition to his award-winning music, Butler is also known for his dedication to social and environmental issues with his support of the Save the Kimberly campaign and as a co-founder of The Seed Fund, an incubator for emerging Australian musicians.

John Butler says, “Fairness is a simple yet, in these times, strangely elusive dish made up of four key ingredients in my opinion: empathy, respect, compassion and commonsense. I believe we’re all born with a moral compass which naturally magnetises towards things like fairness. If you have food and the person next to you is starving the natural compulsion is to share. Not really rocket science. The perfect way to sully this dish is to add fear. The more fear there is in a society, the less fairness will prosper.”

Ande Roestenburg, Director of The School of Life Perth says, “The aim of our Secular Sermons is to provoke and inspire the audience to think deeply about what fairness means to them on a personal level, and to reconnect as a community on the prevailing moral imperatives in Australia, and indeed the world, today.”

This event is the first of The School of Life Perth’s Secular Sermon series and marks the launch of its inaugural ten-week Spring Term program. The School of Life Perth will also offer books, classes, workshops and lectures from its pop-up space at 224 William Street, Northbridge until 23 November.

Secular Sermon general admission tickets are $35 and concession tickets are $30. Tickets have been pre-released to The School of Life Perth newsletter subscribers. The remaining tickets are on sale now via www.theschooloflife.com/perth

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What is a Secular Sermon?

Secular Sermons have been a key part of The School of Life’s programming since its launch in London in 2008. The School of Life invites cultural mavericks and through leaders to give their views on the values we should live by (or the vices we should be wary of) in today’s complex world.

The School of Life Secular Sermons are designed to persuade, inspire and entertain. The content of the Sermon draws on philosophy, humanities, culture and the arts. Previous Secular Sermon speakers include Sir Ken Robinson, Carol Dweck, Miranda July and Ruby Wax. The speakers have explored virtues such as compassion and mindfulness and vices such as envy and perfectionism.

Previous Sermons are available to view for free online at www.theschooloflife.com

About The School of Life

The School of Life was launched in London in 2008 and since that time more than 70,000 people have taken part in its programs, and its innovative approach to lifelong learning is now globally renowned. Dedicated to distilling the best ideas from the ages to enrich everyday life, it is the brainchild of writer Alain de Botton.

The School of Life Melbourne became the first, permanent international branch outside of London when it opened in March 2014.

Alain de Botton (photo. Hilary Walker)

The School of Life, founded in London by philosopher Alain de Botton, will launch a nine-week Spring Term in Perth on Sunday 14 September, with tickets to go on sale on Friday 1 August.

The School of Life Perth pop-up will be located in the Perth Cultural Centre at 224 William Street, Northbridge and will offer a curated program of after-work classes and weekend workshops facilitated by philosophers, writers and artists from London, Melbourne and Perth.

Alain de Botton says, “At The School of Life we believe that knowing how to live is something that can be learned. We offer a radical new approach to learning by connecting the great ideas of culture to an individual’s everyday concerns, like love and money,”

“I am thrilled that Perth will be the second city in Australia to open a School through a pop-up term for it has always struck me as a city full of open-minded, interested people.”

The School of Life opened in London in 2008 and, since that time, over 70,000 people have taken part in its programs, and its innovative approach to lifelong learning is now globally renowned.  Its unique blend of culture and emotional intelligence is packaged into practical books and classes such as How to Find a Job You Love, How to Have Better Conversations and How to Worry Less About Money.

Kaj Lofgren, Director of The School of Life Australia, says Perth was the obvious choice as the second Australian pop-up, after the permanent Melbourne space was launched in March 2014.

“Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world but it is full of creative talent and a thirst for culture.”

The School of Life Melbourne began with a pop-up in early 2013 before Alain de Botton officially opened the first permanent international branch outside of London in March 2014.

Tickets for The School of Life’s pop-up Spring Term in Perth will be released first to newsletter subscribers.

To sign up visit: www.theschooloflife.com/perth

Emma Dean - foraging w bike (photo. Kate Berry)

Emma Dean, winner of the 2013 series of MasterChef Australia, has launched a series of hands-on winter workshops in a state-of-the-art kitchen at CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick.  Tickets are on sale now at www.emmadean.com.au

Emma’s workshops will cover everything from fresh breads, cultured butter and homemade jams; hero brunch dishes to rival any city café; transforming lesser-used cuts of meat for cosy dinners and cooking the perfect Sunday roast.

“Cooking with others is my absolute favourite thing to do so launching a series of workshops has always been one of my main aims.  It’s winter, what better time to come into a warm kitchen? Let’s cook (and eat!) our way through it!” says Emma Dean.

“All ingredients used in workshops will be sourced ethically, locally and sustainably using produce from my farming friends and CERES’ suppliers.”

The first round of workshops will run from Tuesday 8 July to Tuesday 19 August and they will include:

Cosy Dinners
Tuesday 8 July, 6:15pm – 9:30pm, $150 per person
Wednesday 9 July, 6:15pm – 9:30pm, $150 per person

Breads, Butter, Jam
Saturday 12 July, 10:00am – 3:00pm, $210 per person

Perfect Sunday Roast
Tuesday 5 August, 6:15pm – 9:30pm, $160 per person

Brunswick Brunch
Tuesday 22 July, 6:15pm – 9:30pm, $150 per person
Tuesday 19 August, 6:15pm – 9:30pm, $150 per person

To purchase tickets and for more information please visit: www.emmadean.com.au/events

Emma Dean is a cook, forager and author, and the winner of the 2013 series of MasterChef Australia.  Her first cookbook A Homegrown Table (published in December 2013) is a collection of over 100 recipes that beautifully captures Emma’s hobby-farm origins and her passion for local, seasonal produce.  www.emmadean.com.au

Avos and oil gift box (photo. Jenni Finn)

Barham Avocados has launched its new online store for the 2014-2015 season with first orders of the Bacon variety to leave the farm on Tuesday 24 June.

Barham Avocados posts monthly subscriptions of its award-winning produce direct to customers in 6-packs, 12-packs or 10kg bulk boxes. This year subscriptions will be capped at 250 packs and 50 bulk boxes.

“The start of the harvest season is my favourite time of year.  We have the most amazing group of loyal customers who love fresh, local produce as much as we do and who share our excitement and anticipation every year.” says Barham Avocados’ Katrina Myers.

As well as offering subscriptions, Barham Avocados’ online store includes its new cold-pressed avocado oil  (hand made on the farm) as well as gift packs and products from fellow local Red Gum Food Group members including Belmont Biodynamic’s rice and Restdown Wines’ verjus.  The Red Gum Food Group is a co-operative of farmers and producers from the Barham-Koondrook region, co-founded by Myers in 2011.

Barham Avocados grows four varieties of delicious avos at Horseshoe Bend, the 800-hectare family farm of Katrina and Tim Myers, located on the banks of the Murray River, just outside the small town of Barham.

The season starts in June/July when you can say ¡Hola! to the Mexican varieties. The Bacon – smooth-skinned, pea-green and nutty-flavoured – is the first cab off the rank, followed by the slender-necked Fuerte in July/August.

The familiar rich-tasting Hass with its rough, dark-green skin that deepens to royal purple as it ripens, is available from September to December, and then Barham Avocados’ specialty: the creamy, emu egg-shaped Reed sees you through the rest of summer from December until February.

Barham Avocados picks and packs fruit for online orders within 24 hours so customers receive produce fresh off the tree. As avocados don’t ripen until they’re off the tree they can be sent safely in the post.

For more information, to place an order and for a full list of stockists visit: www.barhamavocados.com.au

Celebrity banner image

Journalist Jane Hutcheon will host a Secular Sermon on Modern Celebrity for The School of Life Melbourne on Tuesday 1 July in Melbourne and Thursday 3 July in Sydney.

Tickets are on sale now via: www.theschooloflife.com/melbourne

“We are fascinated by the lives of others, particularly those that seem somewhat removed from our own,” says Kaj Lofgren, Director of The School of Life Australia.

“The celebrated personalities who make their way across our newspapers, televisions and digital screens can inspire us in a deep and primal way. Jane Hutcheon will explore how and why they do.”

Over the past four years, Jane Hutcheon has conducted face-to-face conversations with hundreds of celebrities, from scientists and politicians to authors and performers.

In this Sermon, Hutcheon will argue that despite the superficial nature of much celebrity coverage in the media, we can learn a lot from the lives of celebrities.  She will explore why we are so interested in them and how our interest is good for us and discuss how journalism can spearhead a new way to view celebrities by changing the tone of the conversation.

Hutcheon will lead attendees through the huge change in celebrity culture over the past two decades, the pitfalls of idolatry but, more importantly, a road-map to changing how we view celebrities.  She also offers us a chance to ‘trade-in’ our favourite celebrities for better role models.


Jane Hutcheon is the host of the interview program One Plus One on ABC TV.  Her engaging, minimalist style encourages guests to reveal themselves through thoughtful, open-ended questions.  Jane was a foreign correspondent in China, the Middle East and Europe. As an international correspondent and now TV host, Jane has interviewed people from all walks of life and every corner of the earth.   Her first book From Rice to Riches was released in 2005.


The School of Life Melbourne is located at 669 Bourke Street, Melbourne and the purpose-built space includes a bookshop/café and classroom.  It was the first permanent branch of The School of Life outside of London and since launching in March it has enjoyed its first sold-out term of classes and events.

Secular Sermon with Jane Hutcheon on Modern Celebrity

Tuesday 1 July, 6:00pm
Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

Thursday 3 July, 6:00pm
Bondi Pavilion Theatre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach, Sydney

To buy tickets to the Sermon ($35 full price / $30 concession) and for more information on The School of Life Melbourne visit: www.theschooloflife.com/melbourne

Bundarra Berkshires smallgoods range (photo. Phoebe Powell)

Free-range pork producer Bundarra Berkshires will launch its new smallgoods range of eight products on 1 July 2014.  The products are made from pigs that are reared and butchered on the 100-acre family farm of Lauren and Lachy Mathers in Southern NSW.

The range will be available at farmers’ markets, via Bundarra Berkshires’ regular home delivery service and from Pope Joan’s produce store, Hams and Bacon, in East Brunswick.

The Bundarra Berkshires Smallgoods range includes: Fricandeaux, Toulouse Sausage, Rillettes, Capocollo, Little Smoked Ham, Pancetta, Smoked Bacon and Little French Ham.

“We are truly paddock-to-plate farmers as we proudly breed, grow, butcher, handcraft and pack our artisan smallgoods and pork right here on the farm,” says farmer Lauren Mathers.

“Our pigs are raised in open-grassed paddocks using low-stress and environmentally-sound farming practices.  You know that by eating our pork you’re eating ethically and that you’re supporting a family farm.”

The English-heritage Berkshire pig is known for its docility, hardiness to roaming the paddocks and excellent intramuscular fat qualities.  It is grown for its flavour – naturally bursting with juiciness and tenderness, full of omega-3 (good) fatty-acids and healthy nutrients.

Bundarra Berkshires sells its free-range pork and new range of smallgoods direct to customers via home delivery and through farmers’ markets in Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

Bundarra Berkshires is a chemical-free farm.  Bundarra Berkshires’pigs eat only natural ingredients, and all of its products are preservative free and gluten free.

For orders and more information visit: www.bundarraberkshires.com



Tasty morsels wrapped in caul fat simply made from confit minced pork, potato, onion, salt and pepper.  Not to be shared, they are too delicious and should be kept a secret.

Toulouse Sausage

Lean pork mixed with salt and peppercorns, carefully wrapped in natural hog sausage casings and finished with a brush of Bundarra lard.  The staple ingredient of French cassoulet.


Confit torn pork seasoned only with salt or pepper.  To be gobbled up with cornichons and mustard on a crusty baguette.


The neck is the most beautifully marbled part of the pig.  Rubbed here in salt and flavoured with chilli, coriander, juniper berries and peppercorns before maturing for up to a month, it is exquisitely dark and fragrant.

Little Smoked Ham

Little boneless leg muscle brined in an aromatic bath of local grapefruit juice, pimento, juniper and sugar and then gently smoked over red gum from the farm and surrounding forest.


Pork belly massaged with salt, peppercorns, organic garlic, thyme, coriander seeds, organic sugar, bay leaf and chilli before hanging to dry for up to 21 days.

Smoked Bacon

Whole pork loin generously rubbed with salt, organic raw sugar, juniper berries, peppercorns and bay leaf.  Slow-cured for up to ten days, then hung to dry before being smoked over red gum found on the farm and in surrounding forests. It has an incredibly deep flavour.

Little French Ham

Little boneless leg muscle simply cured overnight with salt, then brushed, dried and rubbed with pepper and air-dried to mature for up to four weeks.

CLAREADALITABannerARIA award-winning singer/songwriter Clare Bowditch has announced her fourth annual Winter Secrets tour with special guest Adalita.

Tickets for the six-show tour will go on sale on Friday 30 May.

 Clare’s Winter Secrets tours have become something of an institution, warming even the coldest evenings with a big hearted, beautiful collection of songs spanning eight albums (her most recent, ‘The Winter I Chose Happiness’, was released in 2012) and a fifteen-year career.

“Winter Secrets is not your typical ‘performer on stage and audience below’ style of affair, and loathe as I am to use the term ‘Interactive Co-Creative Transformative Absurd Joyful Experiences between Audience and Performer’, that’s Winter Secrets in a nutshell,” says Clare Bowditch.

“It’s a world, and you’re invited. Why do I do it? Because what’s the point of pretending you’re the only creative person in the room when CLEARLY, everyone is creative? (der!). And my life is SO MUCH MORE FUN when my audience is in on the joke.”

Ex-Magic Dirt frontwoman turned solo artist, Adalita, will open the shows performing songs from her latest album ‘All Day Venus’ before joining Clare onstage for part of her performance.

“I’m so honoured to be touring with Clare. Not only am I super excited to be joining her for some of her set but I’m so looking forward to just hanging out and basking in Clare’s general magnificence and exchanging hot topics.  We ladies are gonna have a swell time! Can’t wait!” says Adalita.

“Every show is different but what I can promise to those coming on the night is that I will say too much, we will run the FULL “emotional-gamut” together, you will be my back-up band (no previous experience necessary) and, hellooo, ADALITA IS COMING! It’s a no-brainer, people!?!?!?” says Clare.

 As with her previous Winter Secrets tours, one local musician in each state will once again have the chance to join Clare on stage to perform one of her songs and be in the running to win a $1,000 cash prize.  This year, the song will be the much-loved ‘I Thought You Were God’ from her sophomore, ARIA award-winning album ‘What Was Left’.

The competition opens on Friday 6 June with entries closing on Friday 20 June and winners announced the following week on Friday 27 June.  All competition information is available at www.clarebowditch.com

After a huge year that has included filming Channel 10’s Offspring andhosting her second Big Hearted Business (un-)Conference, Clare will save her hibernation time for late 2014 to write a new album.



 Friday 11 July – TAS – Festival of Voices Tasmania, Federation Concert Hall

Thursday 17 July – VIC – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave

Friday 18 July – VIC – The Corner Hotel, Richmond

Friday 25 July – SA – The Gov, Adelaide

Saturday 2 August – NSW – Factory Theatre, Sydney

Friday 8 August – QLD – Brisbane Powerhouse


Bundarra Berkshires logo

Hogfest Logo








Free-range pork producer Bundarra Berkshires is hosting a special HOGFEST event at its Southern NSW farm on Saturday 21 June.

 Hogfest will include a winter workshop (butchering, curing and sausage-making), a farm walk and chance to feed the pigs, and a winter bonfire dinner feast.

“We love welcoming visitors to the farm.  We recently built our Farmstead Butchery to allow for on-farm butchering so it’s the perfect time to hold some workshops, and we never need an excuse for a party,” says Bundarra Berkshires farmer/owner Lauren Mathers.

Mathers is also a founding member of the Red Gum Food Group, a local cooperative of farmers and producers.  The Red Gum Food Group’s annual Q&A panel discussion will be held on the Friday evening before the Hogfest on Friday 20 June.

The weekend of activities will include:

Red Gum Food Group Q&A Panel Discussion
Topic: Globalisation: The Effects of Regional Food Communities
The event will be hosted by food writer Richard Cornish and will tackle the questions ‘what is the future of the family farm?’ and ‘What are the keys to the survival of family farms in a competitive global market?’ 

9:00am – 3:00pm – Winter Workshop – Butchering, Curing and Sausage-Making
3:30pm – 4:30pm – Farm Walk and Pig Feeding
6:00pm – 10:00pm – Winter Bonfire Dinner Feast

Guests are welcome to bring their own camping equipment and stay overnight on Friday and/or Saturday on the farm.

$165 – includes full workshop, lunch, dinner, and welcome drink
$150 – includes full workshop and lunch
$20 – includes dinner and welcome drink

Tickets and more information at www.bundarraberkshires.com

Bundarra Berkshires - Hogfest poster



Red Gum Food Group Q&A Panel Discussion
Topic: Globalisation: The Effects of Regional Food Communities
7pm for 7:30pm, Faulkner Recreation Ground, Cobwell Street, Barham
$5 per person, including a BBQ dinner of local food. Drinks can be purchased at bar prices.

Join host Richard Cornish as he leads a discussion around the future of the family farm and the keys to survival in a competitive global market.  Speakers will be from local, family farms; corporate-owned farming businesses; local radio; national food bodies; and farming federations.

The Red Gum Food Group (RGFG) is a group of passionate producers and food enthusiasts dedicated to ensuring that local food is grown, produced and consumed within the Koondrook-Barham food bowl.  The RGFG was formed in 2011 and since that time it has hosted a monthly Koondrook-Barham Farmers’ Market, annual food events and skills workshops.

All events will be held at “Bundarra”, 929 East Barham Road, Barham

9:00am – 3:00pm
Winter Workshop – Butchering, Curing and Sausage Making
This workshop aims to share skills of home butchering and curing for the pig enthusiast and to educate people about nose-to-tail appreciation.  Participants will take home their goods to mature.   It is a hands-on workshop!

The day will start with butchering of the whole carcass and an explanation of each cut, a shared lunch, and an introduction to curing and sausage-making.  Lunch during the workshop will include snacks made from the porky bits and pieces including tail soup, pigs’ ear chips, sticky trotters, terrine and pork rillettes.  Participants will learn how to make guanciale, bacon, sausages, ham, salami and jamón.

 3:30pm – 4:00pm
Farm Walk
A relaxing stroll around the Bundarra Berkshires farm including the chance to feed the pigs!

6:00pm – 10:00pm
Winter Bonfire Dinner Feast
Long-table, shared feast of Bundarra Berkshires pork and fresh, seasonal produce from other local food producers.  A complimentary welcome drink will be provided and local beer and wine will be available for purchase throughout the evening. Guests are also welcome to BYO.

Guests can bring their own camping equipment and stay overnight on Friday and/or Saturday on the farm.