BHB (un-)Conference 2013 2

Big Hearted Business aims to teach creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that makes sense.

It is the love-child of musician Clare Bowditch, who got sick of seeing creative people give up on the idea of making their living doing what they love simply because there was no one to show them the ropes. She believes there is no better time in history to be a ‘sensitive creative types’, and that business is one of the world’s most powerful tools for social change, and personal fulfillment.

BHB is an online resource that is home to Inspiration Bombs, a BHB Members’ Directory and lots more helpful stuff!

In 2014, Bowditch hosted the second annual sold-out Big Hearted Business (un-) Conference which featured Danielle La Porte, Missy Higgins, Pip Lincolne, Beci Orpin and more.