Bundarra Berkshires smallgoods range (photo. Phoebe Powell)

Free-range pork producer Bundarra Berkshires will launch its new smallgoods range of eight products on 1 July 2014.  The products are made from pigs that are reared and butchered on the 100-acre family farm of Lauren and Lachy Mathers in Southern NSW.

The range will be available at farmers’ markets, via Bundarra Berkshires’ regular home delivery service and from Pope Joan’s produce store, Hams and Bacon, in East Brunswick.

The Bundarra Berkshires Smallgoods range includes: Fricandeaux, Toulouse Sausage, Rillettes, Capocollo, Little Smoked Ham, Pancetta, Smoked Bacon and Little French Ham.

“We are truly paddock-to-plate farmers as we proudly breed, grow, butcher, handcraft and pack our artisan smallgoods and pork right here on the farm,” says farmer Lauren Mathers.

“Our pigs are raised in open-grassed paddocks using low-stress and environmentally-sound farming practices.  You know that by eating our pork you’re eating ethically and that you’re supporting a family farm.”

The English-heritage Berkshire pig is known for its docility, hardiness to roaming the paddocks and excellent intramuscular fat qualities.  It is grown for its flavour – naturally bursting with juiciness and tenderness, full of omega-3 (good) fatty-acids and healthy nutrients.

Bundarra Berkshires sells its free-range pork and new range of smallgoods direct to customers via home delivery and through farmers’ markets in Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

Bundarra Berkshires is a chemical-free farm.  Bundarra Berkshires’pigs eat only natural ingredients, and all of its products are preservative free and gluten free.

For orders and more information visit: www.bundarraberkshires.com



Tasty morsels wrapped in caul fat simply made from confit minced pork, potato, onion, salt and pepper.  Not to be shared, they are too delicious and should be kept a secret.

Toulouse Sausage

Lean pork mixed with salt and peppercorns, carefully wrapped in natural hog sausage casings and finished with a brush of Bundarra lard.  The staple ingredient of French cassoulet.


Confit torn pork seasoned only with salt or pepper.  To be gobbled up with cornichons and mustard on a crusty baguette.


The neck is the most beautifully marbled part of the pig.  Rubbed here in salt and flavoured with chilli, coriander, juniper berries and peppercorns before maturing for up to a month, it is exquisitely dark and fragrant.

Little Smoked Ham

Little boneless leg muscle brined in an aromatic bath of local grapefruit juice, pimento, juniper and sugar and then gently smoked over red gum from the farm and surrounding forest.


Pork belly massaged with salt, peppercorns, organic garlic, thyme, coriander seeds, organic sugar, bay leaf and chilli before hanging to dry for up to 21 days.

Smoked Bacon

Whole pork loin generously rubbed with salt, organic raw sugar, juniper berries, peppercorns and bay leaf.  Slow-cured for up to ten days, then hung to dry before being smoked over red gum found on the farm and in surrounding forests. It has an incredibly deep flavour.

Little French Ham

Little boneless leg muscle simply cured overnight with salt, then brushed, dried and rubbed with pepper and air-dried to mature for up to four weeks.