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The inaugural BOLDtalks Australia event will take place at The Malthouse on Saturday 9 November.

BOLDtalks is a one-day ‘edutainment’ event (10am – 4pm) featuring 12 fascinating presenters including human rights advocate Julian Burnside QC who will deliver the opening address; big wave ‘storm surfers’ Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll, scientist and ‘starship’ builder Dr Andreas Tziolas;  documentary maker and politician Dai Le, and miracle-making doctors Stephen Bernard, Steven Philpott and Steven McLoughlin.

The event will be hosted and moderated by SBS anchor Anton Enus and it will celebrate the annual theme ‘Open Dialogue’.  There will be a Q&A session after each presentation to give the audience an opportunity to join in the conversation and engage with featured speakers from Australia and abroad.

“BOLDtalks aims to foster thought-provoking discussion amongst the community. We bring together some of the world’s most fascinating people to share their knowledge and experiences on a diverse range of topics to inspire or challenge the audience’s point of view and beliefs,” says Jordan Hooper, Director of BOLDtalks Australia.

“Our event is also moderated so it opens up the opportunity for the audience to really be a part of a wider conversation and share their thoughts and opinions on key issues.”

BOLDtalks events also act as a platform to raise awareness of some of the most critical issues facing the world today.

BOLDtalks – Open Dialogue – 10am, 9 November 2013
The Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank Melbourne
For more information call 03 9685 5111 or visit the BOLDtalks page at: or

Tickets are $49.95 plus booking fee and can be booked via:
*20% of ticket sales will be donated to a charity of the audience’s choosing.

2013 BOLDtalks Australia Presenters

There are twelve presenters taking part in seven speaking slots over the day.  Moderator Anton Enus will also deliver an opening statement.

Our use of language and how it contributes to, or hinders the building of a just and compassionate society.

Julian Burnside QC is an Australian barrister, human rights and refugee advocate, and author. He is known for his staunch opposition to the mandatory detention of asylum seekers, and has provided legal counsel in a wide array of high-profile cases. He is passionately involved in the arts. He is Chair of Fortyfive Downstairs, a not for profit arts and performance venue in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, and Chair of Chamber Music Australia.

Storm Surfers: A fascinating insight into the mindset of an extreme athlete.

Australian big wave legends Ross Clarke-Jones and (two-time world champion) Tom Carroll have been chasing some of the world’s biggest and most dangerous waves for over 30 years. Together they tell a riveting story of their lives of chasing storms, a host of near death experiences and how they overcome fear time and time again to conquer some of the most brutal waves Mother Earth has to offer.

Operation Babylift: a refugee’s reflection on asylum in Australia.  

Dai Le will share the story of “Operation Babylift” – the name given to the mass evacuation of children by the US government at the end of the Vietnam War.  Dai Le, herself a Vietnam War refugee, is the director of the documentary also called ‘Operation Babylift’ which tells the story of three of the 281 children brought to Australia through the program.

Building a Starship – the technological and design challenge of sending a spaceship to the stars.

Dr. Andreas Tziolas is a scientist and Co-Founder and Vice President of Icarus Interstellar, a global research project aiming to design a spaceship that will be launched toward a nearby star in our lifetime.  Dr. Ziolas will give a fascinating presentation on the complexity of designing a manned, multi-generational spacecraft looking at the technological, social and cultural challenges of building a sustainable space ark.

Toxic Valley – unveiling the human and environmental impact of agrochemicals

In 1980 in Kasargode, a border-town in the Southern Indian state of Kerala, the Plantation Corporation of Kerala commenced the aerial spraying of thousands of hectares of government-owned cashew plantations with the pesticide Endosulfan.  Soon, the 11 villages around the spraying radius began noticing an unusual cluster of children with birth defects.  As the years passed, over 1000 deaths were attributed to the poisoning and Kasargode became the face of a worldwide fight to ban Endosulfan.   Director/cinematographer Simon Kurian and his producer partner Geethanjali Kurian capture the story in the feature documentary film Toxic Valley.

The Lazarus Men: breakthrough medical technology blurring the line between life and death

Dr. Stephen Bernard, Dr. Steven Philpott and Dr. Steven McLoughlin are real life miracle-makers.  These Alfred Hospital intensive care physicians are the men who played a critical role in bringing Melbourne man Colin Fiedler back to life, 40 MINUTES after he was pronounced clinically dead, using breakthrough new technology and techniques. Hear their story of how the day unfolded and how they managed to blur the line between life and death for one lucky individual.

Making Fashion Traffic-Free

Suzanne Kim and Carolyn Kitto are the coordinators of ‘Stop the Traffik’ in Australia.  Stop the Traffik is a global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to prevent human trafficking around the world.  Suzanne is a director/producer who is working on a documentary about the cause and Carolyn is the coordinator of the Australian branch of Stop the Traffik and a member of the global team. They will share stories of despair, hope and strength and why it is important to tell the stories of people with whom we are connected through our choices as consumers.

BOLDtalks Australia Moderator

Anton Enus is an award-winning broadcast journalist with more than 20 years of experience. His career spans television, radio and print coverage of international news and current affairs in both South Africa and Australia. Anton is currently the nightly news anchor for SBS World News Australia.