Marsha Busse, one of Australia’s leading pastry chefs has launched her own food business, Marsha’s Sweets, which includes a range of handmade puddings, meringues, granola and ice-cream pearls.

Marsha’s Sweets Puddings come in two flavours: Pink Salted Caramel (a saucy chocolate pudding that oozes a liquid caramel with a hint of Murray River pink salt) and Praline (a saucy chocolate pudding with a silky smooth praline caramel of almonds and hazelnuts).

Marsha’s Sweets Meringues come in two flavours: Raspberry and Rose and Passionfruit and can be eaten as a special-treat snack or as the pièce de résistance in a dessert made at home.

Marsha’s Sweets Granola is one yummy treat that you can eat every day without feeling guilty; it includes all natural ingredients such as puffed rice, millet, psyllium husk, linseed and dried fruit.

Marsha’s Sweets Ice-Cream Pearls are delicious bites of ice-cream, each dipped in pearly white chocolate.  They come in package of three mixed flavours: Raspberry, Passionfruit and Strawberry and make a perfect after-dinner treat or petit four.

Marsha spent nine years in London working at some of the world’s top restaurants: Gordon Ramsay’s Maze under Jason Atherton, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Zuma, and the three-Michelen starred The Fat Duck. She then returned to Melbourne to work at the Melbourne incarnation of Maze followed by stints at Andrew McConnell’s landmark Melbourne restaurants, Cutler & Co., and Cumulus, Inc.